Titanium ARTOFIX suture anchors (available in 2.0mm,3.5 mm, 5.0 mm, and 6.5 mm diameters) feature a small minor
diameter and a cancellous screw thread design.

The anchor's very sharp point makes it possible to insert without tapping.

This non-absorbable suture is composed of a special ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene fiber and
features a unique braid configuration. As a result, ULTRAFIRE Suture offers special advantages over traditional
polyester suture, including a high knot breaking strength, ideal lubricity, and a strong resistance to fraying.
ULTRAFIRE Suture is preloaded on all ARTOFIX  Suture Anchor that have #2 sutures.

ARTOFIX Suture Anchors provide a tapered body that is mated to the dilator to reduce insertion torque, thereby helping
to minimize anchor breakage. Suture eyelets are located deeper in the anchor body to reduce suture eyelet failure under
cyclic loading.

ARTOFIX Suture Anchors provide secure fixation with a wide range of sizes to match various applications and bone
qualities. Anchor cores are matched to the drill size to facilitate insertion while maximizing fixation strength.
ARTOFIX Suture Anchors have an updated inserter handle. This robust handle provides surgeons ideal control when
deploying anchors.

Improved suture track - Ensures smooth suture release.

External suture posts - Protects and controls the sutures.

Physical mechanism for grasping sutures - Securely holds anchor on the tip of inserter.

Flat handle surface - Ideal to tap/strike with mallet.

**Arthrofix anchors are available in with needle and without needle versions.




Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Bankart and slap lesions

Capsule repair or capsilo labral reconstruction

Biceps tenodesis

Deltoid repair


Scapholunate ligament repair

Restructuring the ulnar radial collateral ligament


Lateral medial stabilization

Achilles tendon repair

Hallux valgus


Tennis elbow

Ulnar radial collateral ligament reconstruction



Medial or lateral collateral ligament reconstruction

Rear oblique ligament repair

Illio tibial band tenodesis

Patellar ligament repair

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