This is a biodegradagble, three layered, non-cellular cartilage implant designed for implementation in degenerative and post traumatic cartilage defects (lesions).

Thanks to its Biocomposite contents, PLGA + TCP / PGA provides the formation of strong cartilage like subchondral bone and hyaline.

Thanks to its diameter and height options, it enables the implementation on all joints such as knee, ankle (talus), etc.

Through the patented channel in the middle of the product, it makes the migration of osteoprogenitor and chondroprogenitor cells into the defect area possible.

By means of its unique surgical set, it enables arthroscopic and minimal invasive implementation.




1 BAP19030605 ChondRoD Ø6 mm x L5 mm
2 BAP19030610 ChondRoD Ø6 mm x L10 mm
3 BAP19030805 ChondRoD Ø8 mm x L5 mm
4 BAP19030810 ChondRoD Ø8 mm x L10 mm
5 BAP19031005 ChondRoD Ø10 mm x L5 mm
6 BAP19031010 ChondRoD Ø10 mm x L10 mm
7 BAP19031507 ChondRoD Ø15 mm x L7 mm
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