PLGA +TCP BIO Suture Anchor

Provides multidimensional implementation options thanks to its suture directions being 90 degrees perpendicular to each other.

thanks to its patented, double sided structure, makes sure that the whole suture is in the implant and guarantees high endurance.

Designed with the base idea of implant + double suture with its perfect performance coming from the past, provides perfect implementation, rehabilitation, and result opportunities to the patient and the doctor thanks to its biocomposite (PLGA + TCP) implant and UHWMPE suture materials.



REF: BAP19055516    Ø5.5 mm x L16 mm

REF: BAP19056516    Ø6.5 mm x L16 mm


REF: BAP19042912    Ø2.34mm x L10mm

REF: BAP19042310    Ø2.95mm x L12mm

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