Bioabsorbable Pin

To be implemented on traumatic joint fractures and small bone fractures and deformities, thanks to its PLGA + TCP biocomposite structure, PIN makes implementation convenience easier, is a unique product, with varying dimension options and sender instruction manuals for each diameter separately, and can turn into bone.


1 BAP19010225 BaPin Ø2 mm x L25 mm
2 BAP19010240 BaPin Ø2 mm x L40 mm
3 BAP19010325 BaPin Ø3 mm x L25 mm
4 BAP19010340 BaPin Ø3 mm x L40 mm
5 BAP19011312 BaPin Mini Ø1.3 mm x L12 mm
5 BAP19011720 BaPin Mini Basic Ø1.7mm & 2.3mm x 20mm
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